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1W E14 candle bulb

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With an attractive appearance, this W E14 bulb dechandelle 1 is a high-quality flashlight, and its appearance can be coloured white or El.dalu3ah. Characterized by a long service life, low restricted ' energy and a wide voltage, 1 W E14 candle bulb can be utiliseequand the AC voltage is between 110V and 220V. His fluxlumineux in the ray white and cold can reach 100 m, then it peutremplacer the traditional 9 W bulb with 85 % economy. The hull of a light bulb incandescent esten good quality aluminum for accessing a good cooling effect of etprolonger life.
Detailed description
Aluminum and matte canopy
Alternative to a traditional incandescent of 9W
Benefits of dechandelles lamps
1. Radiation ultraviolet infrarougeset, without heavy metals such as mercury and lead, maisecologique
2.Faible energy consumption, more than 85% of the energy saved.
3.1 % Lalumière weakened within the limit of 2000 hours; its life expectancy of 50000heures.
4.Bon cooling system.
5. More effective - LED emploientseulement 1-10 watts of electricity light bulbs (the 1 / 3rd to 1/30th of incandescent oude CFL)
6 Profitable - although the LEDs are expensive, cost is recovered with time and battery savings
7 Sustainable - since LEDs do not have unfilament, they were not damaged in circumstances when regular incandescent uneampoule would be broken. Because they are full, LED lesampoules support to the bumping and banging
8. Choose between the warm light and fresh - news 1 W E14 candle LED bulbs are available in 'cool' white light, which is ideal for task lighting, and "heat" used generally light to the power of eclairaged' focus or
Applicable places
The decoration of Interior places such as home, Office, lesupermarche, the store, the cabaret, the restaurant, the hotel, the bar, ladisco, karaoke, the sing-hall, tavern, meeting-room, ect.
Attractive appearance
the high power of 1 W E14 candle LED bulb adopts new high-power and sources bright duhaut-Brightness LED color temperature 2700K - 6500K, this bulb incandescentechoisissent aluminum for aviation, surface material is arranged parl' oxide; The unique structural design of ventilation internal serefroidissant, the product has the thermal aspect of light and good dissipation, Haute content and attractive; The floor lamp E14, facilitate the installation bracket lamp holder and replacement

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