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Alarm GSM Simulator

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Landlines can easily be cut off during storms, construction work, accidents, or even deliberate tampering by intruders. The unfortunate result is that burglary become possible without any interference.
When no telephone service is available from your home, the WT-1010 ensures that critical alarm information reaches the central monitoring station and since it uses a GSM communicator there are no limits to distance in receiving alarm calls or to remote control the alarm system,

Utilization of the GSM communicator is absolutely crucial at sites such as Banking terminals, ATM’s, jewelry shops, art galleries, warehouses and other outlets storing valuable items where double protection of the premises is a dire need. If a landline has been cut by an intruder or through faulty connection, the GSM dialer must be intelligent enough to identify the cut line and send out the alarm signal to the police, house owner and center monitoring station.
Most alarm panels in the market use land telephone lines as the main communicator to send alarm signals to the police, house owner and center monitoring station if an alarm is triggered due to an intrusion, attempted break-in or sabotage. However, phone lines can easily be cut off during storms, construction work, accidents, or even deliberate tampering by intruders. Hence, the reliability of such a system is questionable as has been proven in many instances where intruders have overcome these preventive systems by simply cutting or disconnecting the telephone line prior to breaking-in. By doing so, your alarm system is rendered ineffective as it cannot report the break-in to the Central Monitoring Station. Nevertheless, with the aid of the GSM terminal which serves as a back-up for the telecom line, one can still save the situation. The WT-1010 will check the status of the telecom line in the alarm system and in the event the telecom line has become unavailable, the WT-1010 will transmit the alarm using GSM to the Alarm Receiving Center (ARC) or Central Monitoring Station (CMS). The WT 1010 GSM dialer has inbuilt alarm signal protocols which have been formatted into the unit and ensures all the security protocol format can be transmitted to the center monitoring station.
What’s more, it can also call and send text alerts to 8 preset telephone numbers when the alarm is triggered off by intruders. Alarm messages can be edited and programmed up to 50 characters long in your choice of language. The display text can be changed simply by sending a command by SMS to the unit. These key advancements provide improved safety features which essentially ensure that your valuables are secured better than ever.
The highly evolved WT-1010 has a remarkable feature which is capable of preventing professional burglars from trying to disconnect the GSM by using “GSM Jammers”. WT-1010 will transmit the contact ID using a telecom line if the GSM signal drops, which immediately triggers the siren.

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