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battery operated grease gun

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The new second stage product has many advantages different from the other grease gun. It is as followed:
First, We use new structure to drive the plunger, the Lincoln use slide block, the slide block is easy to be locked by the oriented slot.
Second, we add a resettable fuse, when the oil route is blocked , the electric current will be very large. the battery and motor will be burned. At that time the resettable fuse will cut the electric route. After the matter is solved, the resettable fuse can switch on again. Therefore it can protect the battery and motor.
Third, we add a anti-jamming electro circuit. It has passed the EMC test. and it can decrease the electromagnetism interfere.
Fourth, we add a release grease valve. Because we find the Lincoln grease gun can't work when there are some air pockets near the plunger. We design the new release grease valve, it can solve the question.
Fifth, when the product is on transportation or the Children playing it. It is possible the switch will be turned on. the grease will break out, it will be dirty, and it is very dangerous for Children. the self-locking button can protect the transit and children safety.
Sixth, the LCD battery display can show how many capacity remained. it will tell the user when the battery need to be charged.
Seventh, it is very cold in winter, the grease will be stiff. We add one warm blanket. It can insert the 12V cigarette socket in the car, and warm the grease. The grease will be soft.
Eighth, 12V cigarette plug adapter ( it is only a contact lead ,if the battery is exhausted when the grease gun is in used. we can insert the 12V cigarette plug adapter into the ciggarette plug in your car,it can supply the 12V power to the grease gun) ]
Nineth, DC to AC inverter. if the battery is exhausted,and have no the 230V AC power source near you,you can insert the inverter to your car( DC 12V ciggarette plug) ,it can supply the 230V AC, and the user can charge the battery again. of cour

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