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disperse blue

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disperse blue 73#/56#/60#/79#/183#/72#/1#/3#/77#/EXSF/EXNSF/354#/165#/
Chemical Properties
Blue powder. Soluble in acetone and ethanol. Staining encountered copper, iron ions are changes in shade.

Disperse Blue BGL is mainly used for dyeing polyester and blended fabric, also used for dyeing cellulose acetate, triacetate and nylon fibers. For high temperature and high pressure, hot melt method and carrier dyeing. Guangyan color blue, the color fastness good fight with excellent color performance, often with scattered yellow brown 2RFL, scattered ruby 2GFL dyes the shallow, the variegated and deep color. On cotton blend fabric with reactive dye-bath dyeing.

Production methods
To 1,5 - dihydroxy anthraquinone and phenol, the ether as raw materials, first 1,5 - dihydroxy anthraquinone sulfonation, nitration, reduction was 1,5 - dihydroxy -4,8 - diamino-anthraquinone 2,6 - disulfonate, respectively, and then phenol, anisole by additional transfer reaction, the final will be the product of the acid base hydrolysis. After filtration, washed with water to neutral, ground, dried or finished. .
1 part of 1,5 - dihydroxy anthraquinone, 13.98 were fuming sulfuric acid, anhydrous sodium sulfate were 0.53, at 110-115 ℃ for sulfonation 4h, diluted with 692 copies of sulfuric acid. Sulfonated dilution and prepared from mixed acid [nitric acid by a 4.73kg (95%), 9.7kg sulfuric acid (96%) and 1.9kg of water preparation derived] mixed, heated to 55-60 ℃ for nitrification reaction, cooling, filtration . Take 47.2kg nitrification cake, 8.25kg sodium sulfide (100%), at 75-78 ℃ for 1.5-2h after the reduction reaction, filter press, with sodium chloride and sodium sulfide-free alkali solution to wash up, get 1,5 - hydroxy -4,8 - diamino-anthraquinone 2,6 - carmine (I).
Take 1 (I), 1.2 copies of anisole, 31 sulfuric acid, boric acid and 82kg of ice water were 2.34 at 12 ℃ ± 2 ℃ for addition reaction of 1h, diluted with water, at (95 ± 3) ℃ for translocation , insulation 3h. Then add salt 8.2kg, filter, wash with 2% brine to neutral. Take the product of 1 transposition cake, 34kg of ammonia (of 35%), 0.99 copies of hydrosulfite, at 60-70 ℃ were acid-based hydrolysis reaction, the reaction end, filtration, thermal washed with water to neutral, cake and 2 A dispersant was mixed abrasive component dyes.
Synthesis of B component dyes, use 2.55 instead of anisole were phenol. Translocation reaction at 90 ℃ ± 2 ℃, heat 3h. A synthesis of the other with the same components. A component and B component dyes by mixing dye was finished.

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