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Distributor of Solar Lamps

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PRICE : 1500 - 1400
Currency : eur

As we tell you, we are looking for distributors in your country for a range of Solar Lamps. We send you, in a copy of this email, the product sheet of the lamp that we sell the most and that we suggest you to propose to start.
The interest for you to start this activity:
- This product corresponds to a real need in your country and the commercial margin will be very interesting, generally higher than 20%.
It is a high-end product, which includes a lamp, a remote control that allows the user, thanks to the light sensor, the motion sensor and the clock, to use the lamp in the most appropriate mode compared to the 6 possible modes of use.
- This is a product on which you can add additional services, such as home delivery of the product, installation or sale of the post. Of course you will have the full benefit of these additional benefits.
- This is a product for which we guarantee you very quickly, the first weeks, dozens of contacts in your country of potential customers interested in this product, it can help you start your business. We do indeed have a methodology to generate contacts, and we will put this tool at your disposal.
All you have to do is go and make presentations to the people in this listing and then sell the solar lights.
We propose to our distributors to start with a demonstration KIT including 4 8-25 W solar lights, shipping and support in generating contacts of potential customers for 1 month. This kit cost, according to the cost of transport by air freight, around 1500 EUR.
Out of customs duty, the equipment will therefore come back to 350 EUR for a suggested retail price of lamps on your market of 400 EUR.
If the customs duties are 20%, this makes you a cost of 390 EUR, or 100 EUR of margin per equipment sold.
If you order in larger quantities, the shipping costs per equipment will be lower and your margin will be higher.

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