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country : Espagne

Digital Electroencephalograph of 36 channels, 24 of monopolar them with possibilities of programming 8 two-pole ones with the possibility of monopolar connection to shape 32 channels with common reference; it(he,she) possesses 4 additional channels, 3 of two-pole them and 1 specially destined one for measurement of temperature. This makes possible to prepare for software the assemblies(montages) that are known in the traditional equipments(teams) of poligrafía in paper(role). The two-pole amplifiers and 3 two-pole additional channels, biophysicists are designed for the sensory connection or the transducción of the measurement by signs.
Diagnosis in the specialities Clinical Neurophysiology Neurology Psychiatry Neurological Diseases and Psychiatric Psicofisiología Polisomnografía trans-operative Monitoring.

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ISO9000, CE


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