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Origins of Erythritol :
Erythritol is found in a variety of foods and fermented foods
Erythritol is made by breaking down food starch into glucose. Then a yeast called Moniliella pollinis is added to the glucose. By way of fermentation, the glucose is broken down into erythritol. The erythritol is then purified into 99.5% pure erythritol.
Safety of Erythritol:
Metabolic, toxicological, and clinical studies performed have not found erythritol to cause cancer, brain damage, allergic reactions or any problems in any of the studies. The FDA has declared erythritol GRAS (generally recognized as safe) and can be used 100% as a tabletop sweetener.
Properties of Erythritol:
Erythritol is natural sweetener.
Erythritol has a glycemic ranking of 0 and does not raise insulin.
Erythritol has a low molecular weight.
Erythritol has up to .2 calories per gram.
Erythritol has a high digestive tolerance: 2 to 3 times better than xylitol, lactitol, maltitol and isomalt; 3 to 4 times better than sorbitol and mannitol.
Erythritol is rapidly absorbed, not metabolized, and then quickly excreted unchanged in the urine.
Erythritol is 70% sweet as sucrose.
Erythritol has no aftertaste.
Erythritol has the bulk, look and texture of sugar.
Erythritol inhibits bacteria in their ability to ferment lactose (good for teeth).
Erythrtil reduces production of acid on the dental plaque (good for teeth).
Erythritol is non-viscous (not sticky).
Erythritol Increases shelf-life of foods.
What Erythritol does NOT do:
Erythritol does not promote tooth decay.
Erythritol does not promote harmful bacteria of fungus in the gut.
Erythritol raise insulin or glucose levels.
Applications of Erythritol:
Erythritol can be used in cakes, cookies and biscuits at a level up to 10% to dramatically increase baking stability and shelf life.
Erythritol gives baked goods longer freshness and softness.
In baked goods, using erythritol results in more compact dough and softer products.
Less color formation in baked goods results from use of erythritol.
Erythritol has a different melting behavior.
In confections, erythritol is non-hygroscopic (doesn't absorb moisture in the air), provides good gloss, breaking characteristics and melting properties in the mouth.
Erythritol crystallizes quickly .
In some candy such as fudge and fondant, erythritol works well with maltitol to control crystallization.
Erythritol works best if fine ground or powdered but can be used in it's crystalline or granulated form for hard candies.
Conclusion About Erythritol:
Erythritol is the healthiest and lowest calorie (and thus carb) alternative to sugar and other sugar alcohols. It has the functionality of other bulk sweetener

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