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We can supply Ethoprophos 90%Tech, Ethoprophos 20%40%70%EC, Ethoprophos 5%10%20%G with high quality with low price.
Ethoprophoss main action mechanism is to prevent activities of acetylcholine, and the mode is tagging out with a good endosmosis. So once the pharmaceutical product toutches polypide, and especially after wireworms begin exuviating the effects will work. However it has no obvious suffocating or systemic actions.
Control targets
Various wireworms, mole cricket, wireworm, cutworm, Orseoia oryzae etc
Applied technology
1. To control Orseoia oryzae in paddy fields, 1-1.2kg 10% granule per mu(667m2) is used during the period from seedlings until one-leaved-one-pith. When 7-10 days before transplanting rice seedlings, mix some fine sandy soil with per-mu(667m2) dosage and apply the combo equably. During application, some aqueous layer is necessary.
2. To control Meloidogyne arenria, 2-3kg 10% granule is needed per mu(667m2). Mix it with soil, sprinkle to planting trenches and holes, and then earth up to avoid direct contact between pharmaceutical products and seeds.
3. To control Tylenchulus semipenetrans, 5-8kg 10% granules are used per mu(667m2). Mix it with surface soil within the irrigation line around fruit trees. And then irrigating.
4. To control Grub, mix 3-4 kg 10% granule with some fine earth and apply into planting trenches, or apply the mixed equably granule onto stalks of young sugarcane and then earth up.
5. To control baccy wireworms and soil insects, apply the product in strips. 4-6kg 10% granule per mu(667m2) is sprinkled into planting trenches one week ahead of sowing (apply products before using ground fertilizer) and then mix with surface immediately.
6. To control soybean nematode, 2-4kg 10% granule is sprinkled into planting trenches when or a week ahead of sowing. Sow seed before earthing up.
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