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Fermentation Cordyceps CS-4 Powder

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Fermentation Cordyceps CS-4 Powder
Specification & analysis:
Source: From (Paecilonyces hepialichen & Dai) CS-4 by Fermentation Technology.
Description: Brown powder with characteristic order and taste
Main Active Ingredients and Functions:
Polysaccharides: More than 18%, Enhance immunity by facilitate the immune cellsMore than five times the content of Wild Cordyceps;
Cordycepic Acid (D-mannitols): More than 14%, Expend airway, suppress coughing, enhance adrenal gland, improve lung functions;
Cordycepin: More than 0.0015%, Strengthen natural immunity;
Adenosine: More than 0.30%, Relaxation, soothing tense emotion, enhance sleep, increase physical performance for men, activate blood flow and enhance beauty for women, good for cholesterol conditions;
Protein: More than 30%, Maintaining the structure of red blood cells, repairing body tissue, maintaining antibodies in good condition to fight infection, and regulating the hormones and enzymes that govern cell growth
Moisture: Less than 8%
Ash: Less than 8%
Remainder: Contamination free, 100% purity
Microbiology and Heavy Metals:
Total Plate Count: Less than 10cfu/g
Total Coliform: 30MPN/100g
Count Yeast and Mold: 10cfu/g
Pb: Less than 1.0mg/Kg
As: Less than 0.5mg/Kg
Hg: Less than 0.3mg/Kg
CD: 0.05mg/Kg
Aflatoxin B1: Less than 2ug/Kg
Salmonella: Negative
Target and Therapeutic Effect:
Male: Nourish lungs and tonify kidneys- Improves the quality of sleep, release stress; Provides energy; Strengthens anti-stress ability.
Female: Nourishes blood and "Qi", and warms the extremities; Promotes radiant skin and keeps the skin soft; Delays aging process and strengthen body immunity; Enhances body conditions and release stress of mind.
Elderly: Strengthens heart, lungs and kidneys; Toning the kidneys; Strengthens spleen, sinews and joints; Nourishes blood and brightens eye.
Children: Strengthen body immunity, and protects lungs; Relieves cough and dry throat, alleviates aches caused by cold; Provides essential support to brain, calms the mind; Improve the memory and support brain health. (cordyceps, cordyceps sinensis, cordyceps cephalosporium mycelia, cordyceps sinensis mushrooms, cordyceps sinensis extract, cordyceps extract, herbal medicines, herb extract, medicinal mushrooms, medicinal mushroom extract, food supplements, health food, Chiness medicines, dietary supplements, reishi, reishi powder, reishi extract, reishi polysaccharide, cordyceps polysaccharide, fermentation cordyceps CS-4 powder)
We can supply you with various kinds of mushroom extract. The details are as follows:
1. Maitake mushroom extract: Polysaccharide 10%, 20%, 30%
2. Shiitake mushroom extract: Polysaccharide 10%, 20%, 30%
3. Reishi mushroom extract: Polysaccharide 10%, 20%, 30%
4. Coriolus versicolor extract: Polysaccharide 30%
5. Agaricus blazei extract: Polys

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