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Flexibel solar panel(1SC1):-STG001

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Currency : eur
incoterm : fob
country : China

Rated Power MPP Pmax (W): 0.45+15%
Operating Voltage Vmpp (V): 1.5+11%
Operating Current lmpp (A): 0.3+4%
Weight (g): 20
Dimensions (mm): 195×55×1.1
Surface of solar cell (m2): 0.007
n Typically 200-400 micrometers thick
n 20 kg of silicon per 1 kWp of PV
n P-N structure
n Absorb red light well
n 20% more efficient solar cells have been produced in the lab where a doped amorphous silicon layer is added to the crystalline wafer
n Polycrystalline silicon modules are generally 2-4 % less efficient than single crystal silicon modules, but they can be less expensive to produce
n The energy payback time of the present-day single crystal modules is typically around 36 months
n Triple-junction cells reduce light-induced degradation
Each cell is composed of three semiconductor junctions stacked on top of each other. The bottom cell absorbs the red and infrared photons, while the middle cell absorbs the green photons and the top cell absorbs the blue photons. This spectrum splitting capability is the key to higher efficiency and reduction in light-induced degradation.
n Using amorphous alloys of silicon and germanium adjusts the band gap energies
n Absorb blue light well
n Can be an automated, continuous production process
n Lightweight, durable and flexible, making it ideal for portable solar cells

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