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Gibberellic Acid,Gibberellin GA3

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country : China

Chemical name:Gibberellic Acid
Molecular formula:C19H22O6
Molecular Weight:346.37
Application scope: Gibberellin(GA3) belong to one of five natural plant hormone. It is a growth regulator, it may promote cell division in the growing stage of plant. Thereby it is mainly applied to move up mature, increase output, break dormancy, promote germination and tiller. GA3 is specially applied to make seeds of rice hybridization and gives a higher yield. There are also wide use of GA3 during the production of fruits and vegetables.
Main Technical Index
Form of drug
Index Gibberellin Raw material 10%water soluble powder
20% water soluble powder
4% Emulsion
up to grade first grade high grade
Ingredient(GA3) min 75% min 80% min 90% min 10% min 20% 40000u/ml
white or yellowish
white or yellowish white white white Amber Transparent liquid
Toxicity: No toxic


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