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HI-FI digital audio amplifier

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Brand: GEBEN Model: A6
Type: hi-fi digital audio amplifier amp
Color: black white
Output power: 2 * 25w/4ohm 2 * 13.5w/8ohm
Output channel: hifi 2.0
Size: deep 150mm * Width 95mm * H 35mm (including protruding parts) Impedance: 4-8ohm
Design reference: China audio specifications GB8898-1997 SJ/11217-2000, electrical safety standard,
The a6 amplifiers is based on U.S. tripath company t class amplifier chip ta2021b as the core
T-class power amplifier power output pulse width modulation circuit and same as class-d power amplifier, power transistors is also working in the on/off status, and efficient class-d power amplifier. And class-d amplifier it is different, it is not using pulse width modulation method. Tripath was invented by a company called "Digital Power Processing (tm) (DPP (tm))" digital power processing technology, it is the core of the t-class power amplifier. Adaptive algorithm of small signal processing in communication technology and algorithm for forecast here. Current of the input audio signal and entered the speaker after DPP (tm) after digital processing power transistors used in control of on-off, thus there is no defect of pulse width modulation class-d power amplifier. (T good analogy d class)
Selection of brand-name fever level supplements: Japan TOKO inductors, Taiwan GSKD capacitance, Germany EPCOS/KEMET audio capacitors, Taiwan HUI KE relays of refining high fever accessories such as high quality digital amplifier. Material temperature, work well, and prices. Songbook audio colleagues sincerely welcome to wholesale cooperation!
A6 characteristics:
1.The small size, high efficiency, energy saving, electricity savings of about 40% than the traditional class ab audio in order to avoid long shutdown caused by the consumption of power. In real life, many computer geek to do with the speaker power, 24 hours of work is very power-hungry, so we launched a6 is to solve this problem for the majority of users, resulting in unnecessary economic waste.
2.A6 amplifier is based on the United States tripath company t class amplifier chip ta2021b as the core and design out of the sound, tone correct, clear, rich detail, bass-thick (there is the sound field), and treble on the get go (there are sound line), while the traditional pc the sound is thin, little details, that is the voice, no sound field. This product is sound and where traditional pc d class sound difference.
3.6 MM thick aluminum panels + advanced all-aluminum case + carbon dioxide process + laser tattoo lettering (never off-color).
4.Genuine use Japan TOKO inductors, this inductance is a two-layer shield protection, reduce EMI radiation, at the same time decided to sound bad and the inductance is plays an important role.
5.The use of 8 high current high speed diode fast reaction to protect security really 2*25W stereo.
6.By two two quick time high frequency low resistance capacitance 6600uf consisting of fever, to meet the needs of high power

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