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IP68 FGG EGG 1K 2PIN lemo power connector

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PRICE : 16.5 - 20.13
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IP68 FGG EGG 1K 2PIN lemo power connector
K Series connector with the following main features:
1) Smart push-pull self-latching system;
2) Multicore types with 2 to 26 pins;
3) Solder or PCB contacts (straight and elbow);
4) High packing density for space saving;
5) Different kinds of keying options to avoid mismatching;
6) 360 degree screening for full EMC shielding;
7) Waterproof connecter (IP66 to 68);
8) Rugged housing for extreme working conditions.

Parts of connector:
1. shell made of copper alloy, stainless steel is used in special occasions, plated with Nickel or Chrome;
2. pin and jack made of copper alloy, plated with gold;
3. insulator molded with engineering plastic which is high-temperature endurable and good insulating;
4. sleeve molded with soft plastic to protect cables;
5. waterproof gasket ring is made of high-temperature endurable silicone rubber.
1K2pin plug FGG.1K.302.CLAC**Z
1K3pin plug FGG.1K.303.CLAC**Z
1K4pin plug FGG.1K.304.CLAC**Z
1K5pin plug FGG.1K.305.CLAC**Z
1K6pin plug FGG.1K.306.CLAC**Z
1K7pin plug FGG.1K.307.CLAC**Z
1K8pin plug FGG.1K.308.CLAC**Z
1K10pin plug FGG.1K.310.CLAC**Z
1K14pin plug FGG.1K.314.CLAC**Z

1K2pin socket EGG.1K.302.CLL
1K3pin socket EGG.1K.303.CLL
1K4pin socket EGG.1K.304.CLL
1K5pin socket EGG.1K.305.CLL
1K6pin socket EGG.1K.306.CLL
1K7pin socket EGG.1K.307.CLL
1K8pin socket EGG.1K.308.CLL
1K10pin socket EGG.1K.310.CLL
1K14pin socket(fixed outside) EGG.1K.314.CLL

1K2pin socket(fixed outside) EEG.1K.302.CLL
1K3pin socket(fixed outside) EEG.1K.303.CLL
1K4pin socket(fixed outside) EEG.1K.304.CLL
1K5pin socket(fixed outside) EEG.1K.305.CLL
1K6pin socket(fixed outside) EEG.1K.306.CLL
1K7pin socket(fixed outside) EEG.1K.307.CLL
1K8pin socket(fixed outside) EEG.1K.308.CLL
1K10pin socket(fixed outside) EEG.1K.310.CLL
1K14pin socket(coupler) EEG.1K.314.CLL

1K2pin socket(coupler) PHG.1K.302.CLLD**Z
1K3pin socket(coupler) PHG.1K.303.CLLD**Z
1K4pin socket(coupler) PHG.1K.304.CLLD**Z
1K5pin socket(coupler) PHG.1K.305.CLLD**Z
1K6pin socket(coupler) PHG.1K.306.CLLD**Z
1K7pin socket(coupler) PHG.1K.307.CLLD**Z
1K8pin socket(coupler) PHG.1K.308.CLLD**Z
1K10pin socket(coupler) PHG.1K.310.CLLD**Z
1K14pin socket(coupler) PHG.1K.314.CLLD**Z

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