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L-Carnitine fumarate

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country : Chine

CAS: 90471-79-7
Molecular formula: C11H19NO7
[Quality Standard]
Item Index
Appearance white powder or crystalline powder
Purity ¡Ý98%
Specific optical rotation -16.5~-18.5¡ã
Residue on ignition ¡Ü0.50%
Heavy metal (base on Pb) ¡Ü0.002%
Arsenic (base on As) ¡Ü0.0002%
Solubility clear
PH (1% aqueous solution) 3.0~4.0
Water content ¡Ü1.0%
L-Carnitine 58.5¡À1.0%
Fumaric acid 41.5¡À1.0%
Properties : Stable form of L-Carnitine, not easy to absorb moisture, white powder of crystalline powder, easily soluble in water.
Application: L-Carnitine fumarate can be used as substitute of L-Carnitine-l-tartrate, with better stability than tartrate, applicable to solid preparations.
Packing: 10kg/drum or 25kg/drum.


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