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Leaves Protein Concentrates

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We Produces Leaves Protein Concentrates. (LPC) is extracted form the fresh stem and leaf which is a non-toxic harmless and natural high-level nutrition. Its protein content is between 50%~80%. It richly Contains 18 kind of amino acids and there are 8 kinds of essential human amino acids' content is quite high. Meanwhile it Includes sugar, fat, multivitamins, renieratene as well as iron, magnesium, calcium, zinc, copper, mineral elements and so on. These nutrient contents have preventing disease, treating illness, building up strength and healthy body, being against to fade waiting persistently and many kinds of physiological functions, is the fine food additive.
Leaves Protein Concentrates
[Function] Strengthening human body's immunity, it is full of the protein content and also the amino acid
composition in it is reasonable. Richly including the pure natural plant essence, 8 kinds of amino acids which rich in vivo essential wants; May improve anemia condition and also can improve human body's hemoglobin level.
[Protein content] ≥60%
[Feeling View] Pale-green powder
[Usage] It is the child and the old people’s best nutrient additive and it can strengthen the nutrition of
the meals. It can apply the functional food and it is the best additive of the nutritious foods, specially for the child's growth and the health. I t can work as the high-quality additive of the protein.
[Packing] Common aluminum foil bag.
[Standard] 10kg/pact、20kg/pact、30kg/pact、50kg/pact

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