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Mini-Netpc network terminal

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The Mini-Netpc terminalis a Mini-Netpc terminal computing terminal and incorporates our proprietary server technologies on our proprietary SoC (System on Chip) embedded chip with unique algorithms. This allows multiple users to share the computing resources of a single computer's CPU, Memory, HDD, etc.
A max of ten L8 stations can be attached to one host computer(Up to 30 on in Windows 2000/2003 server). A total of eleven users including the server can enjoy individual computing access independently and securely. This Mini-Netpc terminal is optimal for use in an office, hospital, home, call center, training center, computer lab, internet cafe, and other various sites.
Mini-Netpc terminal L8
- One computer for one user
- Min 250watt power consumption for one PC
- Replacement or upgrades of part of or the whole PC systems in use every 2 to 3 years
- Max. ten of Mini-Netpc terminal L8 can be connect to a computer (max thirty when using server and server OS).
- 5 watt power consumption
- Just upgrading the host computer will essentially improve performance for all users.
- Exposure to illegal data leakage Exposure to Virus and computer hacking
- Mini-Netpc terminal L8 doesn't utilize external storage.
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- Have to control each individual computers
- Controlling just host computers highly effective centralized control(program installation, deletion, and maintenance)
- Heat and noises from CPU, VGA, Power Supply Fan, HDD.
- Smaller elbow room
- No noise and pleasant working environment.
- Not available
- Portable ultra light terminal that can be connected to the host computer anywhere internet is ready
This product is intended to reduce H/W deployment and maintenance costs. Additional software licenses may be required by the software licensors. Please check your software user license agreement to ensure your continued compliance with such agreement.

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