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NJ-RCM Rapid Concrete chloride migration tester

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According to DuraCrete unsteady electromigration test theory, this method is to quantitatively evaluate the concrete resistance capacity to chloride ion diffusion, and to test the basic parameters with the design and durability of concrete structures and life assessment and prediction in the chloride ion erosion environment.
Test is acceptable for concrete specimens which are maximum aggregate size not more than 25mm (usually not more than 20mm) experimental production or from the core entities. Specimen data can be used as the basis for concrete durability mix design in chloride environment and concrete quality inspection and assessment.
Technical parameters
1. Test channels: 6 channels, 9 channels, 12 channels, 16 channels optional
2. Output current range: 0~400 mA
3. Output current accuracy: +/-1mA
4. Temperature accuracy: +/-1centigrade
5. Output voltage: 0~60V (+/-0.1V) DC (adjustable)
6. Output Power Voltage: 220V+/-10 /50Hz AC
Product features:
1. 0 ~ 60 V adjustable voltage, short circuit auto-protect, single channel running time, the whole electric migration process is automatically controlled
2. Embedded computer control, power outages and power-down data storage, advanced technology, well-made, reliable performance, high accuracy
3. LCD display, with real-time display/print and analysis function, the computer screen can display the data at real-time, can be separated from Pc to use directly; after the testing, input the parameter can automatically calculate test results
4. Standard RS232 serial communications with fully automatic PC connection software can monitor the processing data; the PC can calculate the result and output the flux test report, and then print for analysis and archiving
5. Built-in analysis and calculation function; after testing, input parameters into the computer and then can automatically calculate test results
6. Automatic short circuit protection to avoid equipment damage
7. Imported material fixture, high accuracy, easy and smart to use
8. Can simultaneously test two groups (6), three (9), four (12) or five (16) concrete block one time
9. With the latest smart-in-one vacuum saturated machine
Experimental Methods
1. Cut the concrete sample into diameter 100mm, 50+/-2 mm thickness cylindrical test block
2. Clean the test block in the ultrasonic
3. After cleaning the sample, install it on specimen fixture, inject the test solution, connect the test host;
4. Open NJ-RCM chloride migration coefficient tester host for electromigration experiments
5. After the electromigration, split the sample along the axial, spray the silver nitrate on the split surface.
6. Input the data into the host, it will automatically calculate the channel migration coefficient

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