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Notoginseng Root

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country : Chine

Chinese Name:San qi
Botanial Name: Radix Notoginseng
English Name: Notoginseng
[Origin Habitat ]: Yunnan
[Chemical Composition ]: This product has saponins 12% , mainly conclude Ginsenodide -Rb1,Re1,Rg1. When it is dissolved in water ,mainly get Panaxatriol ,Panaxasiol , no Oleandic acid , Flavonol , Starch , Protein , Oil , Alkaloids reaction , Ethanolic extract 95%,70%,50%, Sanqi grow in spring is similar to it grow in winter .
[P harmacological Action ]:
1. To increase coronary blood flow , reduce COD effect and arterial blood pressure ,and resist the coronary low blood flow and arterial high blood pressure which are cause by posterior lobe of pityitary .
2. Having a strong role to isolated heart wow , after poisoning stop at systolic , the dilute solution has a contraction to frog legs vascular , the high concentration solution has a expand role ,
Both of them is one time nature .
3.The extract can short clotting time of rabbits , to stop blooding .
4. To prevent and treat experimental arthritis of animals .


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