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Nursing manikin

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1. Multi-function nursing manikin
1) The manikin has flexible joints, head (anteversion, hypsokinesis, open and hold lower mandible); neck (pronation, supination, anteflexion, extension); trunk (pronation, supination, anteflexion, extension); extremities (pronation, supination, outspread and retraction, flexion and extension, inside rotation and outside rotation; hip joint adduction and abduction; wrist joints and ankle joint flexion and extension), thus operators can make a variety of posture.
2) Liflike head and neck, soft face material, realistic feeling; realistic buccal cavity (teeth, tongue and uvula), realistic airway (epiglottis, glottis, larynx, arytenoid cartilage, vocal cords and trachea) and esophagus, connected with simulated lungs and stomach in chest.
3) Oral trachea cannula and nasal trachea cannula, nasogastric tube cannula/ gastric lavage, oral and nasal feeding, sputum suction by mouth, nose and tracheostoma, oxygen inhaling skill and tracheotomy care.
4) Hair and face washing, hair combing, mouth cavity and artificial teeth care
5) Carotid pulsation, pupil observation: one side normal, the other mydriasis
6) Drainage of thorax abdomen care, ileostomy care, colostomy care, breast cancer cutting care, breast care and breast examination
7) Male/female perineum has realistic texture and the material has tensile rate and high tear strength. Female/male urethral catheterization, hold catheterization and care, drainage, gynecological examination, vagina care. Vaginal speculum can be used.
8) Buttock intramscular injection, buttock bedsore nursing with four stage bedsore nursing module.
2. Venous channel (matching components)
1) Complete venous system of upper and lower extremity, can be used for IV solutions, blood collection and injection.
2) Blood circulation pressure device, can be used for venous angioplerosis, obviously backflow blood, venous. Use infusion pump or syringe pump to do IV solutions and control the drops.
3) Upper arm intramuscular injection module can be used for intramuscular injection.
3. Blood pressure measurement (matching components)
1) Simulated adult arm used for non-invasive blood pressure measure with real hemomanometer, with korotkoff sound.
2) Blood pressure control device used for pressure value presetting with accurate unit-1 millimeter.
3) Pulse frequency and sound volume can be controlled.
4) Display contractive pressure value, diastolic blood pressure value and HR value with simulated mercury column dynamic display.
4. Trauma evaluation and care: washing, disinfection, enswathing of the wound, hemostasis and bandaging.
Including: abdominal incision suture, abdominal incision draining, abdominal pointed instrument injury, abdomen wound with exposed organs, abdomen with stoma, abdominal auscultation, buttock pressure sores (suite), leg stump, varicose

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