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Handed down from ancestors, long history of clinical application and validated repeatedly, a laryngology powder based on External Therapy of Traditional Chinese Medicine gains national patent for invention. Patent No.: ZL200510021299.X. Originator: Xie Huanqing. Precise and proficient, this prescription can not be replaced by anything, and it can treat throat and mouth disease such as white mouth, tonsillitis, oral aphtha, ulcerative gingivitis, pharyngitis, mouth ulceration, lip aphthae, laryngeal,AdiphtheriaAtongue split, mouth blaze,throat blaze, throat gallAaphtha, rigid swollen tongue (tongue ankylosis and anaesthesia), congenital deformity of tongueAtongue swellingAtongue atrophy, tongue vomit, tongue thrust etc.this prescription has specially good effect to above throat and mouth disease
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patent No.ZL200510021299.X


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