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Quartz Crystal Resonator HC-49US

Profile:Other|Ref:PSL16915YH | Country: China | Export: No

country : Chine

Products that are lead-free;
There are also applicable to devices with narrow specifications at low cost;
Excellent vibration resistance, shock resistance and environmental characteristics;
Can be automatically mounted, as units provided with taping are available by request.

Nominal frequency: 3.500~80.000MHz
Mode of vibration: Fundament 3.5~30.0MHz,3rd Overtone 30.0~80.0MHz,20.0~40.0MHz
Frequency tolerance: ¡À20ppm,¡À30ppm,¡À50ppm
Frequency stability: ¡À20ppm,¡À30ppm,¡À50ppm
Load capacitance: 8pf~33pf,series
Shunt capacitance: 7.0pf max
Drive level: 0.01~2.0mw max
Insulation resistance: 500M¦¸Min/100¡À15VDC
Operating temperature : A)-10~+60 B)-20~+70 C)-30~+80 D)-40~+85
Aging: ¡Ü5ppm/ year


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