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Rhodium (III) Chloride Hydrate

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country : Chine

Product name Rhodium (III) Chloride Hydrate
Molecular formula RhCl3•3H2O
Molecular weight 209.26
Use Important chemical catalyst, used in purifying tail gas and
pharmaceutical industry.
Main technical index
Rhodium content ≥38%
Purity Purity of original rhodium powder >99.95%
Solubility test of
ethanol No insoluble substance that can be seen by naked eyes
Impurity ≤(%) Ag Au Pd Pt Ir Fe
0.003 0.001 0.005 0.005 0.005 0.005
Al Pb Ni Cu Si Sn
0.002 0.001 0.005 0.002 0.005 0.005
Property Red brown crystalline powder, easily soluble in water, hydrochloric acid, alcohol and
alkali solution, insoluble in aether or aqua regia
Specification Analytical pure
Packing Packed on the clients' requirements


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