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Sell STC series three-phase AC synchronous genera

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country : Chine

The series generators in villages, towns, sites, mountains and pastoral areas such as lighting and dynamic three-phase AC power supply, can be used as emergency standby power. Generators to prevent drop-switch market, and the harmonic magnetic system, the use of safe, reliable, easy maintenance
Product Features; Three-phase generator for the four-wire system used with a neutral point-of-access, rated line voltage of 400 volts, phase voltage of 230 volts, frequency of 50 Hz and Power Factor 0.8 (lag). According needs, but also provide He and 60 other voltage generator. And the original motive generators can be directly linked or connected with triangular belt, rotating direction rated continuous operation. When the original motivation Speed 3%, load from 0 ; 100% cos 0.8 1.0 ; within arbitrary change, its good performance constant pressure in the sudden increase or reduce the load suddenly, can quickly adapt and stable work, and Starting devices without any direct starter 0.7 times the capacity of the empty cage asynchronous motors.


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