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Steel conveyor furnace

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country : Chine

Steel conveyor furnaces are tailored to PM industry for the reduction of Fe, Cu, Co, Mo and W metal powders from respective oxides, also for the calcinations and final reduction of Cobalt oxalate, APT and other metal saltines. The equipment has a large output and a relatively simple structure and it is easy to adjust process parameters and control product quality, so it has been used as upgrading equipment replacing the old generation of furnaces, such as two-tube, four-tube and multi-tube reduction furnaces. It consists of feeding, reduction, slow cooling, cooling and powder collecting zone.
Feeding zone includes feeding platform and entrance to muffle. On feeding platform there is a small feeding cart shuffling right and left to ensure well distributed feeding on the steel strip.
The muffle in reduction zone is made of SUS310S high temperature resistant stainless steel. The muffle shell is corrugated to increase its strength and is placed on a SiC plate, on which the muffle slides as it expands when heated.


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