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T8 PC Tube hood

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PC tube cover estrempli noble gas (argon, neon,...) and mercury vapor.
Electrodes entungstene, placed at the ends of the tube, heat up and emit electrons.These ense electrons moving from one electrode to another, face the mercury atoms and leurcommuniquent energy.
Demercure atoms then release this energy in the form of ultraviolet radiation.
This light esttransformee visible light near white, by the couchefluorescente layer that lines the inner surface of the PC T8 tube hood.
The fluorescenceest property that have certain molecules (called fluorochromes oufluorophores) to absorb light at certain wavelengths is a certain color and re-radiate a light to another length of ondecorrespondant to another color.
These molecules, al' resting State, absorb the energy emitted by a light source and gagnentun higher energy level by passing an electron from a layer to another.
The electron vaensuite quickly regain its original level and release the acquisesous energy form of light.
There are large choice of fluorochromes, with excitement and emissionvaries spectra.
PC cover enforcement LED Tube T8:
1.Eclairaged' lighting for homes, offices, restaurants, hotels, lesmails, buses, trains, warehouses, car parks etc.
2.Sallede living room, bedroom, kitchen
3.Ecole, University, hospital, hotel, supermarket, shopping centre
4.Lieude meeting, exhibition room, exposure
6.Usine, workshop, warehouse, Office
7.Eclairage rear to billboards or advertising panels square.
The third-generation PC T8 light tube hood LED upper class is inside - employ the light fixture. Adopt high bright SMD5050 and SMD3528 as light source, light evenly illuminate in the loinle sector, weakening of low light, 3-4 lights fluorescent more light quetraditionnelles of periods. housing 6063 oxidized by aluminiumpur. The pins at both ends designed incorporated with the hammerdrill looking body, nice and stylish piece light aspect. Coverage transparenteelevee coverage of rays, Milky available cover
Our light T8 PC LED cover tube is environmentally friendly with first obliging, low power consumption, and efficiency likely ' lighting and long life, it is the ideal replacement for T8 tube lumierestraditionnelles. The light of T8 PC tube LED employeecouramment hood in Office lighting, lighting at home, the eclairaged' school, and places like hospitals, underground, plant etc.

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