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The Powder of Plant SOD

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The Plant SOD of our company is the classification of copper and zinc. The Plant SOD of our company is extracted form the fresh stem and leaf which is a kind of extremely good water-soluble protein. The protein of SOD dissolves in water, and the solubility reaches as high as 98%. Molecular Weight: about 32KD; Half-life:72 hours; Cannot be deactivated in 36 months store in dry and normal temperature.
Super oxide Dismutase
[Abbreviation] SOD
[Legal Number] ECl.15.1.1
[C A S ] 9054-89-1
[Function] Have “One clear four anti-”,as the functions of Eliminating human body excessively much free radical, anti-senile, the anti-tumor, the anti-inflammation and theanti-weary, it also have the remarkable curative
effect of the heart cerebrovascular disease, hypertension, the high blood fats and so on many kinds of diseases.
[Usage] It always use as the additives in medicine, health foods, cosmetics, chemical industry chemical and so on .
[Active Standard] ≥3000IU/mg (International unit)
[Feeling View] The white is powdery.
[Examination Method] Adrenalin method, Pyrogallic acid law from oxo-process.
[Packing] For medicinal purposes aluminum foil bag.
[Standard] 100g/pact、200g/pact、300g/pact、500g/pact(May decide according to the customer's demand)

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