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Triclocarban 99%

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Triclocarban 99%
Chemical name: 3,4,4'-trichlorocarbanilide
CAS No: 101-20-2
Formula: C 7H 4ClNO
Molecular Weight: 315.5
Appearance:No Lumps and foreign materials
Color:White Powder
Smell:No Smell
Melting Point: 250 - 255C
Particle Size: <7 Micron
Chloroaniline: <475PPm
Loss On Drying (110C):<0.15%
Triaryl Biuret: <0.5%
Heavy Metal:<20PPm

TCC is a high-duty, wide-spectrum bacteriostatic agent. It has lasting safe and stable bactericidal effect and has fine compatibility with skin. It also has high effects on inhibiting and killing gram-positive, gram-negative bacteria, fungus, saccharomycete and virus. Compared with traditional chlorine and oxygen system bactericides, TCC has the outstanding merit, that is, it has fine stability and compatibleness, no bad smell, and has long effect with small dosage. Even diluted to 30million times, the solution of TCC can also entirely inhibit the growth of some pathogenic bacteria. As a high-duty, wide-spectrum, safe, and new antibacterial agent, TCC is widely used in daily chemical products and medical antiseptics. After added TCC, washing powder can kill germs on clothing and get rid of odor resulting from bacterial reproduction; medicated soap can be used in washing hands for doctors, patients and food operators, to disinfect and reduce cross-infection. It can also inhibit body odor and preventing sex disease; rinsing and toothpaste can reduce gum infection, eradicate halitosis, clean tooth bacterial spot, and has fine mouth sensation; foot protecting agent can get rid of odor, prevent beriberi; washing milk and cleaning cream can kill harmful bacteria which lead to acne, and clean skin and prevent acnes; prickly heat powder can product infants' skin, prevent miliaria and rash; shampoo can relieve itch and eradicate scraps. In addition to, TCC can be used in antibacterial towel, cleaning facial tissue, wound paste and the like. TCC has a special adhesivity with fiber. It can be added to antibacterial and deodorant fiber clothes. Acrylic resin processed by it will make fiber have antibacterial and bactericide abilities. These fibers remain have splendid antibacterial and anti-epiphyte effect after washing for more than ten times. This product has a characteristic for being safe and washing-endure. Qinglun products sprayed and dipped by TCC dispersing system can have better antibacterial and deodorant capability. TCC using quantum: 0.2~0.5% Dissolved by: non-ionic surfactants such 6501, AEO 9, AEO 7, polyglycol300, polyglycol400, polyglycol600. TX-10
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