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various large volume intravenous solutioin

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We are specializing in the manufacture of large volume intravenous infusion products with more than 50 years experiences in China, offering over 100 various kinds of intravenous products and output up to 400 million bottles(bags), including glass bottles, Polypropylene plastic bottles and the most advanced Non-PVC multilayer coextrusion film soft bags. We are the best manufacturer that you can trust in China.Please visit our website to find more information.
Most of the main products are listed as follows:
1. Glucose Infusion (5% and 10%)
2. Sodium Chloride Infusion(0.9%)
3. Glucose Infusion +Sodium Chloride Infusion
4. Sodium Ringer Lactate Infusion,
5. Metronidazole Infusion
6. Ciprofloxacin Lactate Infusion
7. Fluconazole Infusion
8. Tinidazole Infusion
9. Norfloxacin and Glucose Infusion
10. Gatifloxacin Lactate and Glucoce Infusion
11. Ofloxacin Infusion
12. Levofloxacin Lactate Infusion
13. Azithromycin and glucose Infusion
14. Mannitol Infusion
15. Compound Amino Acid Infusion(3AA, 9AA, 15AA, 17AA, 18AA)
16. Dextran40 Infusion
17. Pentoxifylline Infusion
18. Glycerol and Fructose Infusion
19. Ozagrel and Sodium Chloride Infusion
20. Matrine and Sodium Chloride Infusion
21. Ambroxol hydrochloride and Glucose Infusion
The specifications of the above-mentioned goods are including: 500ml/250ml/100ml and Polypropylene plastic bottles, Non-PVC multi-layer Co-extrusion Bags and glass bottles.
You can see the advantages as follows:
1. High quality on the basis of safety and effectivity.
2. Most advanced technological process. To fulfill the automatization of the whole production process. Automatic control water system. Automatic dosing system. Automatic lid-making machine. Automatic bottle-making machine. Automatic control of washing, filling and sealing production line. Automatic antiseptic control system, Automatic leak detection control machine. Automatic packing control production line. Automatic

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