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FP-Coating Screen is made of grassfires by the process of filament ship plastic coating, plain weaving and high temperature fixing. It has the characteristic of well ventilate, sunshade, easy to wash, stable shape, anticorrosive, burn resistant, strong tension, durability, long service life and feels smooth. It is normally used as the necessary component in the ventilation installation of building, orchard and ranch. It is also an ideal product to prevent insects, such as mosquito and fly. Now, this product is well sold all over the world.
Auto-hiding Screen Window is one of the products we ourselves developed. With the special merit of artistic shape, easy to use, well structure and long service life, she overcomes the disadvantage of more space occupation, bad seal performance and
quickly aged of the old styles. So, she is widely used in the modern buildings. This product is awarded the honors of "Recommended Product¡± by China National Construction Department.
Filament plastic coated grassfires yarn by the process of plain weaving and high temperature fixing. Its frame is made by PVC with the technique of one step forming. Therefore, it has feature of well looking and good sealing performance.
Products feature:
1. Artistic shaped and well structured: This product is made of
2. Widely applicability: It can be fitted with window and door, which is made of wood,steel,aluminum or PVC. You even do not paint after assembled.
3. No poison, no flavor. Antiseptic and strong tension. 4. Because of the screen is made of grassfire yarn, this product can prevent fire. 5. against static electricity. no dust collected and, well ventilate property. 6. Automatically hide. 7. To filter ultraviolet ray, better for heath. 8. Aged resistance, long service life, it can be drawn over ten thousand times.

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