Air Water Generator / Atmospheric Water Generator 5000L/Day

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Atmospheric Water Generator / Air Water Generator

Air Water Generator is a new advanced equipment for manufacturing drinking water, it extracts air and condense into water accumulation through the air compressor, and then purify to produce drinkable water. In order to improve and meet people's requirements for high-quality water, the machine adopts a variety of water filtration technologies, including the most advanced, safest RO reverse osmosis filtration technology, as well as efficient ultraviolet light disinfection and water molecules activation technology etc, finally the water is pure, safe, pollution-free, rich in oxygen ions, health and beauty.

  1. Working Principle

Our air water generator manufactures drinking water depend on air humidity. More than 50 percent humidity is better. In the case of low humidity, it can produce water, but the speed is lower. Within the housing environment, around the kitchen, window location and spacious room, humidity is higher.

Air Water generator transforms moisture into water, it will also become a dehumidifier. Used in high humidity areas, not only possible to obtain pure drinking water, can also reduce the ambient humidity, it is conducive to human health and the life of appliances.

In air dry seasons and cold weather, the produced water will be reduced, then you can use an external tap function of the machine, now this machine can be connected with the tap water, with multi-stage filtration and reverse osmosis RO principle, and UV sterilization and water recycling unique patented technology, the machine become a good drinking machine.

  1. Applications

Depending on the purpose and place of use, air water generator has home series, business office series and industrial series. It obtains drinking water directly without water supply, be widely used in offices, home, hotels, hospitals, airports, ships, cars, coastal islands etc. In a humid environment, you use it, not only can provide drinking water, but also has a dehumidifying function. Air Water generator can work at ambient temperature 10 ºC ~ 43 ºC, humidity 25% RH ~ 95% RH, the manufacturing water efficiency increases with increasing humidity.

  1. Technical Specifications

Model SY-5000
Total Wattage 116.6 KW
Compressor Power 2 x 47.3 KW
Fan Power 2 x 11 KW
Power Supply 380V, 50 Hz
Production Capacity 5000L/Day(Temperature 30ºC, humidity 80%)
Cold Water Temperature 4-10°C
Hot Water Temperature 75-95°C
Refrigerant Type R134a
Storage Capacity 1800L
Environmental Temperature 15ºC-40ºC
Environmental Humidity 35%-95%
Noise Level

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