An industrial project?

While the acquisition of industrial equipment can considerably increase the profitability of your business, mismanaging that investment can lead to disaster.

Expert support at every step
of your industrial project.

1 Choice of equipment
We accompany you in finding the right equipment for your project

2 Economic validation before purchase
From your data, audits and studies carried out, we send you a cost price for the finished products of the equipment selected.

3 Transaction security and logistics management
After validation from you, we secure the supplier payment and manage the logistics to your premises

Protection against
Financial risk

Protection against
the Compliance risk

Protection against
Logistics risk

4 Installation, Training and Marketing
We offer you support during each of the phases, installation, training in use, and offer you marketing solutions for your finished products.


Technical questions

The commitment we make to you is to deliver your equipment under any circumstances. To that end, we commit our insurance, our physical physical offices for factory audits, and we take care of the logistics until logistics until the equipment is delivered to the warehouse, guaranteeing you against financial risk, the risk related to the routing and by ensuring the conformity of the and ensuring the conformity of the goods.

The information in the records allows you to evaluate units as a whole, so you can make an informed, quick, and hassle-free and hassle-free. If, in addition, you require special assistance, we offer a we offer a complete assistance service for the implementation of your the implementation of your industrial project More information .

In the event that a unit does not completely meet your expectations for various reasons: calibration, size, production capacity or other reasons, our industrial production assistance service allows you to benefit you to benefit from an accompaniment from A to Z.

Administrative matters

En général, les fournisseurs avec lesquels nous travaillons, sélectionnés sur le volet, garantissent le risque de défauts de fabrication, pour une période d'un an (durée moyenne constatée).

If you don't have local sourcing, our sourcing service can conduct on your behalf sourcing service can conduct on your behalf the tenders for the purchase of the raw of the raw materials you wish to order, according to your specifications specifications (target price, quantities, specificities ...).

Generally, equipment comes with assembly instructions, sometimes video tutorials. In the case of complex production units complex production units, it is possible to mobilize a technician from the factory for the assembly of the equipment and the training of your teams. teams.