LAG-S200 Ladle Slag Detection System Vibration Type

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LAG-S200 Ladle Slag Detection System (Vibration Type)


The continuous casting vibration type ladle slag detection device is used to detect the slag content of the ladle nozzle in the steelmaking continuous casting process, so as to improve the cleanliness of the tundish molten steel and obtain the best yield of the ladle molten steel. The device adopts the principle of vibration detection.

The LAG-S200 continuous casting ladle slag automatic detection system is developed by our company after many years of research with many scientific research institutes, and fully combined with the actual situation on site. It has a real field application value as a continuous casting ladle slag automatic detection system.

In order to improve the purity of the molten steel in the tundish, and improve the quality of the casting billet, especially to improve the quality of the billet in the transition section, and reduce the amount of residual steel in the high-quality ladle, and prolong the life of the tundish lining, and increase the number of continuous casting furnaces, it’s necessary to detect and control the slag in the later stage of continuous casting ladle casting.

The Working principle of the system

The LAG-S200 continuous casting ladle slag automatic monitoring system detects the slag state during the pouring process by receiving the vibration signal of the mechanical operating arm of the ladle nozzle. In the process of molten steel pouring, when molten steel flows through the long nozzle and pours into the tundish, the molten steel impacts the wall of the long nozzle and causes the vibration of the mechanical operating arm used to support the long nozzle. Since the specific gravity of the steelmaking slag is less than half of the specific gravity of the molten steel, it floats on the surface of the molten steel, and the steelmaking slag appears when the molten steel is about to be all poured. At this time, due to the high viscosity and poor fluidity of light steelmaking slag, the impact force of the mixed flow of molten steel and steel slag on the wall of the long nozzle is quite different from that of pure molten steel. The system mainly monitors the ladle slag of the continuous casting by measuring and analyzing the vibration difference of the mechanical operating arm.

The vibration signal is connected to the operation control unit of the system control cabinet through the front-stage conditioning and amplification module through the sensor installed in the middle of the operating rod. After processing, it is output to the industrial computer for operation and analysis. The slag signal detected by the system is output from the system control cabinet to the front-end control unit, and then control the alarm horn and alarm light to work, or issue an instruction to close the ladle nozzle.

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