LS182 transmission meter

Profile: Manufacturer - Producer | Ref: PSL481371YH | Country: China | Currency: USD | Incoterm: FOB | Export: Yes | Import: No

LS182 solar film transmission meter is a device that can test the SHGC value (that is, the total solar transmittance, also called the solar heat gain coefficient) 950nm, 1400nm and Full IR rejection rate, 365nm ultraviolet rejection rate and 550nm visible light transmittance. The window tint meter is currently the most high-end solar film tester on the market. Three gears can be freely switched , the reading is convenient and easy to understand.

The testing principle of the LS182 solar film transmission meter is to use an ultraviolet light source, a visible light source and an infrared light source to illuminate the measured transparent materials. The sensor detects the incident light intensity of the light source and the light intensity after passing through the measured transparent materials. The ratio is the light transmittance, expressed as a percentage. For most solar films, the visible light is marked with the transmittance index and the infrared and ultraviolet rays are marked with the rejection rate index. The rejection rate = 100%-the transmittance.

Type: Offre de produit

Ad reference: PSL481371YH

Advertiser's reference : REF-262620

Price: 250-270

Currency: USD

Incoterm: FOB

Minimum purchase quantity: 1

Category: Optical measuring instrument

Keywords: transmission meter | tint meter | window film transmission meter | window tint meter

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