Pure 316L Stainless Steel Fiber Yarns

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Pure stainless steel fiber yarn and woven fabric are made of 100% 316L stainless steel fiber after spinning and weaving. The yarn is divided into single yarn and strand. 316L stainless steel has good appearance and gloss. The addition of Mo greatly improves the corrosion resistance of the material, especially the superior pitting corrosion resistance. In addition, 316L stainless steel has excellent strength in high temperature environments, good work hardening, weak magnetic after processing, and non-magnetic in the solid solution state. These high-quality features are not available in other grades of stainless steel such as 316 and 304.
Compared with ordinary yarns, metal yarns not only have the properties of ordinary yarns, but also have good electrical conductivity, high strength, and stainless steel materials are resistant to various chemical corrosion, high temperature resistance, radiation protection, sound absorption, sound insulation, and Ultraviolet rays, filterability and other characteristics, stainless steel fiber yarn and woven fabrics can be woven into various plain and twill woven fabrics, and can also be woven into knitted fabrics of different specifications.


  1. Stainless steel spun yarn textile fabrics can be used in the production of high-end men's and women's clothing, highlighting the elegant, luxurious, romantic temperament and high-end taste of the wearer, but also has other more extensive uses.
  2. Pure stainless steel spun yarn textiles can be used to make pillow-type sealing belts, dust bags, hot workpiece conveyor belts, heat insulation curtains, heat-resistant cushions, etc.;
  3. Stainless steel spun yarn blended textiles can be used to make high-voltage shielding clothing, anti-static work clothes, and anti-static Carpets, electromagnetic wave protective clothing and protective covers, maternity clothing, medical surgical clothing, etc.
  4. Stainless steel Spun yarn textiles can also be used to make fake military targets and radar targets, which can confuse the enemy in combat.

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Ad reference : PSL494035YH

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