Importing can pay off big ...
but is not safe ...

You are not used to international transactions and do not wish to carry out the import procedures yourself.

We manage the search for products and equipment, the competition between suppliers, up to delivery to your home, with protection against risks, right down the line.

Service reserved for Premium members. Service on estimate.

Protection against
Financial risk
Protection against
Compliance Risk
Protection against
Logistics risk

Guaranteed by an insurance policy good end of transaction


Technical questions

We rely on our resources on site, namely 40 physical offices and 2,300 brokers, and on our insurance which covers the import risk up to 7.5 million per transaction, to secure your transactions.

It is impossible to ensure the reliability of suppliers on the Internet, without having carried out due diligence by means of specialized services (history research, Contact with administrative authorities, Factory visits, etc.) . In addition to these verifications, we have the capacity to carry out for you, on request, a direct audit of the supplier structure.

Yes. We can carry out your due diligence operations on suppliers that you have previously selected. In addition, we can also compare your suppliers to our existing database, or even launch calls for tenders as part of a business consultation.

Administrative matters

When we negotiate the terms of sale for you with suppliers, we ensure the quality of its after-sales service, within the framework of a purchasing mandate. Depending on the nature of the products ordered, a standard exchange may be carried out, the supply of spare and wearing parts, or reimbursement, in the event of a defect noted upon receipt of your merchandise.

The best price ex-works does not always correspond to the best price for you since you have to add various costs (transport, customs rates ...), and the terms of payment also influence the price final. We consider all of these aspects and when you hire us as part of a cost killing service, we seek the most competitive price for you, at the same price, origin, and order volume.

Yes. By registering now, you will have the opportunity to run purchase announcements with no limits. Suppliers will be able to contact you directly to send you proposals. It should be noted, however, that suppliers are focusing primarily on ads posted by Premium members of the network.