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Adjustable frequency remote control receiver and replicator for car repair service, garage, workshop.
2 - in -1 433Mhz / 315Mhz Remote Control Code Scanner Key Detector Copier
Car key remote control Wireless car key remote Detect, receive, copy car remote control signals, then control the car as freely as the car owner
Adjustable frequency code scanner receives the signal sent by the anti-theft system Rolling Code, save and copy the remote control signal from the master The effective distance is 500 meters Record 30 remote control signals Chip decode: false variable code ( 5326), EV1527, PT2262, HT12E, HT6014

  1. Instruction for each buttons and switches:
    (1 2 3 4) transmission button: 4 buttons usually the same as the general button on the remote
    (5) code select button: function keys: press a set of back codes, long press more than two seconds to bring up a sansk menu (6 keys) to select the function of the mouse, transfer functions point to the menu, press (5 key) to enter.
    (6) renewal format button: press again becomes automatic - red - Lan1 - cycle variations between Portland 2. Transferred automatically when the code issuer to rolling, then press and hold (1 2 3 4) issued a key code in a key, press once to launch a rotating code format, continuous operation 16 times (please observe the display changes when the display of words in the rolling code of this last digit gradually increases to 16 from indicating that it has completed 16 operations), in which 16 operations to be tested if the reaction of the remote host, indicating that the rolling code has been supported by the product, if no There is no answer Description This machine does not support the code turning products are unscientific do not exist, please pay attention to the identification of false information.
    Try (blue light) when transmitting the fixed code, if no answer, try again (red) or (blue 1), which has a total of three formats can be tested.
    Three switch:
    The first button is off
    The second slice is a wide and modern special test for the wide-range receiver and transmitter and modern remote control codes.
    The third button for all remote code and fixed code remote control and extensive testing of modern sharing, you can access
    The machine supports the closing rolling code and the fixed code and a large part of the modern remote control, but the wide receiver and the modern remote control distance are not ideal.
    2: remote control test
    Trial of

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