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Publication of your listings
(product catalog, agents seeking, buying offers)
10 10 Illimited
Translation of your listings Automatic, unverified Checked, corrected Checked, corrected
Acces to your contact information Visible to our Premium members only Visible to all our members Visible to all our members
Optimization of your company profile contents
Top visibility of your offers on our 50 marketplaces 1 week 10 days
Publication of your company profile on our social networks accounts
(Twitter / Facebook)
Qualification of your prospective contacts
(telephone, email, meetings…), verification of the requests and contribution orders.
Strategic coaching
partner seeking, export and commercial strategic development.
Intake of qualified prospective
(linked with your activity)
Financial investment
Financial partners, grants folders, investors
Web Factory Licence
(Website, application, ERP). Licence includee, setup, development, customization fees are additional)
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