SEPPE Great Quality Ceramic Proppant For Oil and Gas Well Stimulation

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SEPPE Ceramic proppant is made of bauxite as raw material, granulated by powder, and sintered. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, high conductivity, low density, and low crushing rate.

Ceramsite proppants have excellent properties, such as low density, high cylinder compressive strength, high porosity, high softening coefficient, good freezing resistance, and excellent alkali-resistant aggregate reactivity. In particular, due to the low density of the ceramsite, the internal porous, uniform shape and composition, and sufficient strength and sturdiness, it has the multifunctional characteristics of light weight, corrosion resistance, frost resistance, earthquake resistance and good insulation.

Why choose Ceramic Proppants

Performance requirements of petroleum proppant:

  1. The proppant must have sufficient compressive strength and wear resistance, be able to withstand the strong pressure and friction during injection, and effectively support artificial fractures.
  2. The relative density of proppant particles should be low, which is convenient for pumping downhole.
  3. When the temperature is 200 degrees, the proppant particles will not chemically interact with fracturing fluids and reservoir fluids, and the maximum allowable acid solubility should be less than 7%.

At present, the commonly used proppants mainly include quartz sand, resin-coated composite particles and Ceramic Proppants.
Quartz sand is used in large quantities because of its low cost and low density, which is easy to pump. However, quartz sand has low strong bottom and poor sphericity, which reduces fracture conductivity and is not suitable for deep wells with high closure pressure.
The composite particles of resin-coated quartz sand have improved sphericity, stronger corrosion resistance, and better flow conductivity. However, the product has a short retention period and high cost. The current era is cost-oriented, so it is not easy to promote.
Ceramic Proppants, which use bauxite as raw material and adopt ceramsite technology, have high density, good sphericity, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and high pressure resistance. At the same time, the cost can be better controlled. Therefore, they are more and more widely used in oil and gas fields.
Practice has proved that oil wells fracturing with Ceramic Proppants can increase production by 30-50% and extend the service life of oil and gas wells. It is a key material for low-permeability exploitation of oil and natural gas. It can not only increase oil and gas production, but also extend the service life of oil and gas wells.


Type of ad : Product Offer

Ad reference : PSL482759YH

Advertiser reference: REF-264487

Price: 300-550

Currency : USD

Incoterm: FOB

Minimum purchase quantity: 10 MT

Category: Other minerals

Keywords : proppant for oil drilling | proppant suppliers | ceramic proppant

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